And the time has come for the last set of semi-finalists. All of them were really good.

The first contestant, the Baguio Metamorphosis. Agree ako sa comments ng mga judges. Ang sarap nilang tignan ng sayaw nila at super galing talaga. Agree ako kay Sir FMG na ang ganda ng mix ng hip-hop at belly dancing! For me, eye-candy talaga ang perfomance nila!


Josephine Aton performed second. She once lost her self-confidence but gained it once again upon joining PGT. Frankly, I was really disappointed by her performance. Mas maganda ang performance niya noong audition… mas may energy, mas may feelings ang pagkanta niya sa “I Believe” (in fact, tinging ko mas mahusay pa siya kay Fantasia). Ngayon, parang *shrugs*. Pero okay din naman ang pinakita niya. Wrong choice of song lang siguro.


Kakaiba naman ang pinakita ng Immusicapella! Agree ako kay Kris na 10 time level up sila at super nakaka-inspire sa mga choir. Hanep!


4th is Ingrid Payuket (tama ba? I can’t really remember). She’s an Igorot. Mala-Phantom of The Opera daw ang performance niya. Hindi ako maka-relate kasi hindi ko alam yun but she was good. 😀

5th is…. Hmm, Ralph Salazar? I’m not sure. He’s a blind kid who catches the symphaty of the two judges (Ai-Ai and Kris). Despite that, I think he’s good but not much (maybe because he’s still young?). For me, his voice sounded ordinary. Not really special.

Last but not the least is Hello World. They did this interpretative dance of a song I don’t really know but I think it’s a famous song. The judges were not really happy with their performance since they were expecting more from them because of their 1.5 million views on their audition video.


*I’m not able to find videos of Ingrid and Ralph. Forgive me. 😦

My bet in this set is Baguio Metamorphosis and Josephine Aton or Ingrid Payuket. Wish them good luck! 😀